Principles for Responsible Investment

In 2020 Quaestio formally joined the PRI in order to promote the Principles for Responsible Investment and the SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals

While promoting the PRIs, Quaestio also endeavours not to invest in: non-democratic countries, companies which are involved in controversial sectors, companies violating the UN Global Compact and companies which are not promoting the CO2 reduction.

The continuous evolution of the Sustainable Investment process


Identification of the SRI Principles and Blacklist

Since 2013, Quaestio has integrated its sustainability values ​​ and principles into the fund offer documents.


Integration of the SRI principles of the Delegated Investment Managers

With the development of our Pooling Structure, we begin integrating the SRI principles of the Delegated Investment Managers


Comply or Explain approach and Watchlist

Review of our process according to a "comply or explain" logic in the SFDR style. Partnership with Etica SGR.


The entire SRI process is internalised

Review of the approach in order to internalize the data analysis. Creation and development of proprietary models. Partnership with MSCI ESG. Membership of the PRI-UN.

Establishment of the SRI Committee.


Active ownership enhancement

First reporting to the PRI and development of Active ownership activities.

Nummus Certification for one of our UCITS Sub-Fund.

Tailor-made solutions to pursue common goals

UN PRI principles and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Our objectives
Investor needs
Integrated toolbox
Active ownership & integration
ESG Lenses
Alternative Techniques
Our strategies and products

Quaestio’s ESG-SRI-Sustainable framework relies on the following main grounds:

  • We constantly take the UN deliberations as a general guide: the 17 SDGs as our destination, the 6 Principles for Responsible Investing as a reference to invest and finally the 10 Principles of the Global Compact to scrutinize the Investment Universe.
  • The key feature of Quaestio is Flexibility: we do have our own approach but we can profit  from the diversity of third Parties Managers and we aim at satisfying the goals and Values of our Clients.
Integrated approach in the continuum

1Prior Investment

  • Identification of SRI and ESG Objectives
  • Endeavour to promote the principle for responsible investments

2During the investment

  • Proprietary Models, watch-list & leverage on third-party managers
  • Traditional & Alternative approaches

4Periodical Review and impact assessment

  • Dedicated reports

3After the investment

  • Active Ownership through voting and engagement

Main Goals

Since 2013 we have been committed to sharing our sustainable investment goals with our customers and potential investors. Our principles are an integral part of our investment strategy.

Exclusion filters active in our strategies, since 2013

Companies that violate the principles of the Global Compact

Companies producing unconventional weapons

Companies belonging to CO2 intensive sectors and fossil fuel

Countries that do not meet minimum democracy requirements

The alternative approach completes the traditional one

Traditional approaches
Third-Party Policies & Integration
Thematic Investments
ESG lenses

Our strategy is based on the combination of traditional and alternative approaches. We use a "hybrid" approach which includes:

  • Exclusion filters
  • Inclusion of ESG factors
  • Active Ownership
  • Alternative tools including internally developed methodologies and external research providers

We are convinced that the ESG approach cannot be traced back to a simple rating, but that it is necessary to use a "holistic" approach.

Alternative Approaches
Proprietary rating models
Active Ownership
Derivates and Advanced Analytics

Traditional approach: Quaestio's ESG filters

Opportunity Set

Given by the reference index or by the asset class in which the manager operates.

Nice to avoid

List containing issuers with low ESG ratings or significant disputes for which investments are deemed to be limited unless ESG analysis is provided justifying inclusion.

Worst of the worst

The issuers included in this list are at odds with the principles that guide our investments.

1. Objective

Identify the companies in violation of the Objective set by Quaestio.

2. How

Screening of the investable Universe based on data by third party providers.

3. Output

Different watch-lists based on the level of severity.

Alternative approach

Quaestio's innovative approach aims at optimally combining different elements in order to create a truly integrated process.

Violators Swap to support different needs
Multidimensional Reporting
Proprietary models
Alternative approach
Use of Natural Language Processing
ESG interactions monitoring

Socially Responsible Investments Committee

The sensitivity to these topics has constantly increased in the market environment in which Quaestio operates. Quaestio has been even more sensitive since the beginning of its history to the sustainability of the financial choices concerning the assets under management, and has thus recently strengthened the process aimed at measurement, evaluation and appreciation of the effects of the degree of sustainability of investments. Among the initiatives undertaken is the establishment of an SRI Committee which promotes the SRI principles and verifies their implementation in Quaestio's investment processes. The committee is composed of the Chief Investment Officer, 2 members of the Investment Team, 1 member of the Commercial Team, 2 external members representing the investors.

For the information on sustainability required by Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 as amended by Regulation (EU) 2020/852, please visit our Quaestio Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) page at the following link.