Quaestio SGR may manage part or all of the assets of the Sub-Fund in common in pools with assets belonging to other Sub-Funds of the Fund, as described in the Prospectus of the Fund.

While maintaining overall responsibility for the investment strategy of the Sub-Fund, Quaestio SGR may delegate the portfolio management of part of the assets of the Sub-Fund, allocated in separate accounts or pools, to third party Investment Managers for the purpose of diversifying manager risk and of gaining access to specialized skills and competencies, as described in the Prospectus of the Fund.

The current list of such pools, with the relevant benchmark and Investment Manager, is the following:

Asset Manager
Portfolio Management delegated to:

Quaestio Capital SGR S.p.A.

Corso Como, 15 - 20154 Milan, Italy


  • MSCI EUROPE net Return EUR

  • BofA ML Euro Corporate (EUR) 

  • ICE BofAML Euro Government Index

  • BofA ML Euro High Yield (EUR Hedged) 

  • Barclays Euro ABS Floating Rate Note Index (EUR Hedged) 

  • JP Morgan Cash Eur deposit  3M TR + 2% 

  • JP Morgan GBI-EM Global Diversified Index USD

  • ICE BofAML US Treasury Index

  • MSCI USA Net Return USD

  • MSCI World (EUR)

Algebris (UK) Limited

4th Floor, No. 1 St James's Market, London, SW1Y 4AH, UK

Algebris Investments (US) Inc.

  • BofA ML Contingent Capital (EUR Hedged)

Allspring Global Investments Luxembourg S.A.

33, rue de Gasperich, H20 Building Floor 2, L-5826 Hesperange, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Allspring Global Investments, LLC

  • ICE BofA 1-3 Year BB Cash Pay High Yield Index (USD)

Amundi SGR SpA

Piazza Cavour 2, Milano, 20121, Italy


  • JP Morgan 3M Cash EUR (JPCAEU3M Index) + 2.5%

Anima SGR S.p.A.

Corso Garibaldi, 99, 20121, Milan


  • BofA Merrill Lynch Pan-Europe Broad Market Index  TR ( Bloomberg: PE00) Euro Hedged

Avaron Asset Management AS

7D Narva Road, 10117, Tallinn, Estonia


  • MSCI EM EUROPE gross Return EUR + CIS ex Russia Gross Return (EUR)

Banor SIM S.p.A.

Via Dante 15, 20123 Milan, Italy


  • JP Morgan 12M Cash EUR (JPCAEU1Y Index) + 3.5%

BlueBay Funds Management Company S.A.

77 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3JR

RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

RBC Global Asset Management (U.S) INC.

  • Barclays Global Aggregate Corporate Bond (EUR Hedged)

Deutsche Asset Management International GmbH

Mainzer Landstraße 11 - 17, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • BofA ML Euro Corporate Index (EUR)

Doubleline Capital LP

South Grand Avenue, 18th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071


  • BofA Merrill Lynch US Corporate Master (USD)

Epsilon SGR S.p.A.

Piazzetta dell'Amore 3, 20121, Milan, Italy


  • JPM Cash Index Euro 3M (JPCAEU3M) + 1.30%

First Sentier Investors International IM Limited


23 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 1BB, Scotland

First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd with its registred offices at Level 5, Tower 3, International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW 2000


Gavekal Capital Limited

Suite 3101, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


  • 100% ICE BofA China Government Index (G0CN) (USD Unhedged)

Goldman Sachs Asset Management International

120 Fleet Street, EC4A 2BE London, UK

Goldman Sachs Asset Management L.P.

  • JPM Cash USD deposit 3M TR +2%

  • 55% BofA ML Emerging Markets External Debt Sovereign (USD) + 45% BofA ML Emerging Markets Corporate Plus (USD)


77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Block C, Grand Canal Docklands Dublin 2, Ireland

Impax Asset Management Limited

  • MSCI ACWI Gross Return EUR

Invesco Asset Management Limited

Perpetual Park, Perpetual Park Drive, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1HH

  • MSCI EUROPE gross Return EUR

Muzinich & Co. Ltd

8 Hanover Street, London W1S 1YQ, UK

Muzinich & Co. Inc. (450 Park Avenue, New York, -NY 10022)

  • BofA ML US High Yield USD


Seidlstrasse 24-24a, 80335, Munich, Germany

Pimco Europe Ltd;

Pimco LLC;

Pimco Japan Ltd;

Pimco Australia Pty Ltd

  • BofA ML Pan-Europe Broad Market (EUR hedged)

  • JP Morgan Cash Index EUR 3M TR

Schroder Investment Management Limited

31 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QA, UK

Schroder Investment Management Hong Kong Limited

Schroder North America Inc.


SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd.         

〒108-0075 Tokyo, Minato City, Konan, 1a, Japan

  • MSCI JAPAN Small Cap (JPY) gross Return

TCW Investments Management Company

865 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States of America


  • J.P. Morgan Cash Index USD deposit 3M TR +1.5%