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Quaestio Capital SGR appoints Ali Saad as analyst and multi asset manager

Press Release

Quaestio Capital SGR has further strengthened its management structure with the arrival  of Ali Saad as analyst and Multi Asset manager in one of Quaestio’s main areas of activity.

31 Jan 2018

Ali Saad originates from the London office of Goldman Sachs where he acquired a long experience over several years working in investment activities in the Multi Asset division of GSAM and then on the bank’s proprietary trading desk.

“Ali’s appointment continues the strengthening of our management capabilities with executives coming from specialized financial institutions”, the company’s CEO Massimo Tosato stated. “With his detailed knowledge of the models and strategies of asset allocation Ali is in line with the top quality and skills to be found in our team. Our Multi Asset team provides its investment skills in all market segments through both tailored solutions and mutual funds”.

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