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Quaestio Capital SGR lists the Quaestio - PIR Small Cap Fund

Press Release

The aim of listing the fund on Borsa Italiana’s ETFplus segment is to make investment in the fund efficient, transparent and easily accessible and is in line with the strategy developed by Quaestio Capital of constant innovation in operational decisions.

28 Sep 2018

The Quaestio - PIR Small Cap fund, the asset management company’s first UCITS PIR, was launched in February 2018 on the basis of Quaestio Capital’s profound knowledge of listed Italian small and medium- sized enterprises and its experience in quantitative equity management.

The aim of the mutual equity fund, registered under Italian law, is to optimize investments in small and medium-sized Italian enterprises on the basis of quantitative and scientific research, thereby providing returns exceeding those available on the market by means of an active and diversified management. The management team’s selection of securities focuses in particular on equities that are distinguished by their future growth potential and liquidity.

Christian Prinoth, co-founder of Quaestio and head of equity strategies, who together with Umberto Sagliaschi runs the fund, commented: “As a result of the listing Italian savers will be able to obtain direct access to the Quaestio - PIR Small Cap fund through their usual bank, with management costs adapted to a transparent and liquid market. The fund’s listed class is additionally accessible to professional investors who need an efficient tool for investing for PIR purposes. Quaestio - PIR Small Cap stands out for its disciplined and rigorous investment process, constantly supported by the careful research and scientific analysis carried out on a daily basis by our management team”.

Silvia Bosoni, Head of ETFs, ETPs and open-end funds for Borsa Italiana commented: “We are pleased to welcome Quaestio Capital SGR to Borsa Italiana’s listed fund market. The arrival of Quaestio on ETFplus takes the number of fund issuers to 30 and with the Quaestio - PIR Small Cap fund enhances the offer available to investors on the market”.

For this important operation Quaestio has selected Banca Finnat as Authorized Operator, whose Deputy General Manager, Alberto Alfieri, stated: “We are proud that Quaestio Capital SGR has recognized our consolidated experience on the listed open-ended fund market and that it has therefore engaged us as Authorized Operator for its fund. We are honored to support it in this strategic decision, which is a winning move in our opinion: we continue to believe in the growth of the listed fund market, also in light of the new regulation”.

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